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The electric scooter is built for mass adoption and aims to sell 1.5 million per year by 2026.

Chennai: Aventose Energy is launching its first electric two-wheeler, the S110 designed for all seasons and all reasons, on October 10 of this year and will open for pre-booking the same day. The electric scooter is built for mass adoption and aims to sell 1.5 million per year by 2026.

The world’s largest two-wheeler market, India, will undergo a complete transformation over the next few years, as electric two-wheelers are expected to take around 40 percent of the market share by 2030, report says of McKinsey and company.

This is a significant leap from today, when only 150,000 electric two-wheeled vehicles are sold each year, barely 1% of the total market share. In this space, Aventose energy (www.aventose.com) will launch its highly anticipated first model, the S110 on October 10, 2021 and open for pre-booking the same day.

S110, designed on the basis of the detailed voice of the customer, solves the main problems of owners of 2 wheels, leading to a unique style, which sets it apart from existing two-wheelers on the market, both electric and gasoline. Through its portfolio of electric vehicles, Aventose plans to drive the adoption of electric vehicles exponentially, from demand generation to supply satisfaction and overall customer satisfaction.

Aventose S110 will come with a portable battery that can be easily removed and charged at any regular power outlet present anywhere. The S110 has a wheel torque of 140Nm, a top speed of 60km / h, a true target range of 100km per charge and comes with a centrally mounted PMSM motor, 17 inch alloy rims, warranty of 3 years and a price of Rs 85,000 From.

Aventose is in talks with leading insurance and finance companies in India to provide a one stop solution for clients. No wonder the company is aiming for an ambitious goal of 1.5 million vehicles by 2026.

Here are some of the things that will make it happen.
1. Versatile design, built for all seasons and for all reasons Aventose S110 is designed to be a rugged, safe, unisex, multi-age scooter for urban and rural markets. Serving the versatile needs of Indian families and individual business owners, the S110 has all the makings to become the country’s favorite two-wheeler.

2. The portfolio targets 90% of the 2-wheel segment The Aventose product portfolio starts with the S110 electric scooter, followed by a more efficient S125 electric scooter and an M125 motorcycle. These products provide similar comfort, performance and durability to 100-125cc gasoline vehicles which account for about 90% of India’s two-wheeler market.

3. Regardless of the charging and swapping infrastructure, the S110 will come with a portable battery that can be easily removed and charged at any regular power outlet. The vehicle can also be recharged directly from a power outlet on the ground floor. This offers the possibility of recharging the scooter at home, in apartments, offices, hotels, tea rooms, restaurants, etc. enabling faster adoption of the scooter across India without relying on the implementation of charge and exchange infrastructure. This will allow Aventose electric vehicles to quickly spread across India and especially to Tier 2/3 cities and rural India. Future charging and exchange infrastructure will only contribute to further expansion.

4. Scalable Manufacturing Setup The Aventose core team has years of manufacturing experience and knows exactly what it takes to convert a “prototype” into millions of high-quality two-wheelers. And it is precisely this experience that will give Aventose an advantage over several competitors who are also entering the electric vehicle space. They designed a modular, quality assembly line that allows for easy scalability and replication as business volumes increase, without having to create an expensive setup up front when volumes have not yet reached their peak. peak.

5. Dealer and Service Network Following the launch of the first independent Business Experience Centers in four cities, Aventose will open to dealers in urban and rural towns in India. Extensive automotive and manufacturing experience has gone into making products suitable for workmanship, serviceability and durability. The overall vehicle architecture, with components made in India, makes maintenance and component replacement easier and more economical throughout India. This will allow dealers and service networks to grow and maintain easily.

6. Long-Term Vision Aventose Energy has carefully crafted a 10-year roadmap in both product and technology terms, as the start-up envisions a long-term round in the country’s electric vehicle space. The plan is to start with scooters, motorcycles, three-wheelers and move on to other clean technology products beyond the realm of the electric vehicle industry. They plan to aggressively promote their products across the country with a process-oriented approach, precise focus and efficient use of resources. The S110 comes with a host of benefits and is available at an affordable price of Rs 85,000 and up. So lock your calendar for the October 10 launch to pre-book this futuristic machine and go in style.

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