El Dorado Communications: Applying technological responses to security, to the challenges of asset management

A local wireless communications security service provider seeks to partner with public and private sector agencies to help improve the ability to protect assets and respond in a timely manner to potential security compromises that threaten assets. value by infusing an enhanced level of wireless technology into asset protection measures.

Member of the Board of Directors of El Dorado Communications Rawle Aaron

El Dorado Communications (ECI), a four-year company owned and operated by Guyanese Tyrone Williams, says it is currently looking to partner with potentially vulnerable state and business entities and with all citizens in the app. of its safety products to fight against crimes that have become commonplace in Guyana. While ECI admits that its products have been applied elsewhere to help reduce the vulnerability of valuable assets to theft and security breaches, it says its primary concern is educating potential local customers about the importance of adopt new approaches to ownership. protection that can even extend to saving lives in situations where crimes are committed or attempted.

Stabroek Business saw a copy of ECI’s ‘master plan’ to popularize the application of a range of alarm and monitoring devices to help protect movable inventory and valuable real estate from security compromises, including theft, vandalism and break-ins. ECI states in its master plan that its vehicle and machine equipment protection systems “surpass any alarm system” in the quality of service it offers.

Noting that car hijackings and vehicle break-ins have become one of the most common crimes in local urban communities, ECI says it can offer high-tech anti-crime response systems supported by devices. GPS, which, in addition to alerting third parties to detention, or irregular onboard incidents, can also track stolen vehicles, thus aiding their recovery and the apprehension of thieves. The company believes that its detection and tracking devices can play a critical role in protecting the assets of state entities and companies whose business operations are heavily supported by large fleets of continuously moving vehicles, including commercial distribution companies. and taxi services.

ECI says the real value of this system lies in the ability of customers to have constant knowledge of the movement and location of their vehicles and equipment, coupled with real-time alerts on security threats. The ECI relies on the punctuality of its security interventions in view of local crime. While the company says it has no illusions that its services will take the market “by storm”, its outlook points to an awareness of the need for patient, skillful and persistent marketing. . Its objective is to gradually expand its customer base through the use of a small “guinea pig” customer base in the public and private sectors who can publicly demonstrate the value of its products. Departments and at least one company are among its immediate targets.

As part of its overall marketing strategy, ECI is quick to state that by setting aside safety considerations in its vehicle systems, there are also cost saving considerations that its customers can benefit from. The company says its “fleet management” system is designed “to help customers reduce fuel costs and manual management, improve fleet efficiency, and save staff time.” Fleet management uses the company’s satellite and GSM tracking capabilities to enable data transmission over its mobile network. This facility, according to ECI, allows state and private entities that use vehicle fleets, “to monitor their fleets remotely and plan more efficient logistics based on where vehicles are moving and how fast. they’re doing it ; information that facilitates both monitoring and planning. The company estimates that the introduction of its vehicle tracking system can, in some cases, reduce fuel costs by up to 23 percent and improve operational efficiency by up to 15 percent. ECI says its GPS platform software allows its administration center to monitor more than 2,000 vehicles simultaneously, “and to be clear about the exact condition of each vehicle every second.” The company says its platform provides real-time access to previously unavailable information about vehicle movement, including precise position, driving direction, speed and fuel consumption. The ECI platform also offers a number of additional vehicle alarm systems that cover safety considerations including illegal ignition. Its servers, he says, reside in a secure, reliable and redundant hosting system and it has the capacity to provide monitoring services in all ten administrative regions of the country.

Meanwhile, ECI is also looking to promote its life and personnel safety monitoring system, which it says enables its clients “to track any of its agents who from time to time may be sent on a special mission “. The company says its line of services also aims to address home and small business security concerns through a range of low-cost gadgets, including door and window sensors, built-in motion detectors, and motion detectors. smoke and heat. Its current goal is to work with public and private sector agencies to determine how best to apply its products to the specific needs of these agencies.

El Dorado is working with at least one local company to test its vehicle safety system and is looking to build on the results of its collaboration with that company.

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