Empire Builders recruits more than 200 Asset Protection Unite employees to guard properties

Empire Builders Limited officials

The management of Empire Builders Limited, owner of Trassaco Valley Estate, has recruited more than 200 people into the asset protection unit [APU] to protect its properties from encroachments in Tarassaco.

The inauguration of the APU became necessary after the owners of Top Kings Enterprise Limited reportedly began to encroach on land owned by Empire Builders Limited in the Trassaco Valley area.

With the presence of APU, well-trained staff will provide private security, protect land, guard the facility, eliminate invaders, protect lives and property, among others within the community.

Staff will also collect information and intelligence on illegal activity in the area, from mobile patrols, escorting customers, educating customers about the sites.

According to Empire Builders Limited public relations manager Kwame Owusu Danso, the introduction of APU has become necessary to ensure that quality services are provided to clients.

“The asset protection unit that we are inaugurating today would have a number of responsibilities that are not different from their primary duties, but will strengthen our operations both within our facility and our legally acquired properties; ie land, buildings, construction sites, among others and to ensure maximum safety for our workers, current customers and customers who intend to do business with us in the foreseeable future ”, said Mr. Owusu Danso.

He also noted that the responsibilities of the protection unit will protect legally acquired properties.

“It is important to state that as a company we are committed to providing faultless quality service to Ghana and to our clients and we intend to continue down this path, even more, with passion, commitment and dedication “, suggested the PR.

Mr. Owusu Danso, who made this known to the media, went on to explain that the activities of the Asset Protection Unit will remain within the limits of the law as they will often engage the police when needed to ensure peace. in the region of the Trassaco Valley.

He said: “We here at Trasacco are playing our measurable and achievable role and pray that all join this wagon of change, development and progress.

“However, it comes at a price, the cost of having to deal with certain systemic imbalances caused by competing interests and malice, which have had a tremendous impact on our establishment. This fundamentally necessitated the need to inaugurate our asset protection unit for the sole purpose of securitizing our legally acquired properties, ”he added.

He continued, “The role of Unity is carefully designed to remove all encroachments and, we will do so within the limits of the law. This would include, but not be limited to, risk management, risk reduction and / or risk mitigation, oversight (J-Point police patrols, layered protection of our assets, deterrence, detection and action ) and the provision of a physical security system, both on-site and off-site. “

Mr. Kwame Owusu Danso also stressed that “we want to assure the right people in Ghana, that we are committed to providing quality housing for all and that we will provide maximum security to all our customers”.

Empire Builders Limited has been in the real estate business for over 20 years in Ghana.

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