Enhanced Security Drives Adoption of Private 5G Network

By Trend Micro

Monday, June 20, 2022 3:45 PM MYT

Global organizations say they are ready to team up with partners to make it happen

HONG KONG SAR – Media outreach – June 20, 2022 – Trend Micro Incorporated (TY: 4704; EAST: 4704), a global leader in cybersecurity, today announced new research* revealing that the prospect of improved security and privacy capabilities are key drivers for private 5G wireless networking projects.
To read a full copy of the report, Security Expectations in Private 5G Networks: A Journey with Partners, please visit here Where join the webinar with Trend Micro and 451 Research on June 23 here.
“Private 5G networks are murky: Two-thirds of respondents told us their deployments will use the technology in some way,” said Eric Hanselman, chief analyst at 451 Research, a division of S&P. Global Market Intelligence. “Yet the cloud’s shared responsibility model means that these enterprise customers will need to develop their own security capabilities. They said they would need expert security partners to help them with this. Organizations have high expectations in 5G security, but the quality of their partnerships will be the real differentiator.”
In smart factories, smart hospitals, and other locations, an increasing number of organizations are turning to private 5G networks for coverage, control, low latency, and enhanced security as one of the ‘company.
“We see security risk management as one of the main drivers of the business. There is also a strong drive to ensure that organizations achieve situational awareness across IT, OT and CT communication technologies, such as private 5G,” said Yohei Ishihara, security evangelist at Trend Micro. .
However, these environments raise a different set of security issues than traditional IT and OT environments. Although the biggest concern (31%) of respondents was the exposure of data transported over the private wireless network, they also highlighted the main attack vectors, including:

  • Operating system software vulnerabilities (37%)
  • Configuration errors (34%)
  • Vulnerability of network equipment (33%)
  • Device vulnerabilities on RAN (31%) and CORE (27%) networks
  • Connected network compromise (27%)

The fact that nearly a quarter (23%) of respondents expect full integration of private wireless network security with existing operational security adds further challenges to security projects. More than half (55%) also want it to work through automated connections.
Given the complexity of such projects, it is not surprising that more than half (58%) of respondents said they would carry out risk assessments either jointly with partners or outsource the task entirely, while 33% said they would work with a third party.
Industry-specific security experience (24%) is the top criteria for organizations looking for IT partners, and 19% say they want to work with existing partners.
*Trend Micro commissioned 451 Research to survey 400 information security decision makers at 400 organizations in the US, Germany, UK and Spain.

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