Mortgage Foreclosure: Reduce Your Mortgage With Millions

After July 1, 2019, you can apply for a mortgage loan from the state on more favorable terms. From then on, you will be eligible for a $ 1 million discount on your second child, and a further $ 4 million on your third child. We have collected the terms and conditions.

The government clarified the terms of the mortgage loan waiver

According to this, the 4 million HUF mortgage loan waiver is only available for children born after July 1, 2019, or if the fetus is more than 12 weeks old.

Another important change is that those who have used the $ 1 million allowance for their 3rd child until June 30, 2019 will also be eligible for the difference after July 1, 2019.

Who Can Apply For A Mortgage Loan?

Who Can Apply For A Mortgage Loan?

The point of the benefit is that, if the conditions are met, the State takes over a certain amount from the family’s outstanding mortgage debt. It can be claimed by families who:

  1. mortgage repayments,

  2. the. For applications filed before July 1, 2019: Those who have or have had their third or subsequent children born after January 1, 2018,

    b. For applications filed after July 1, 2019 : Having a second, third or subsequent child born after July 1, 2019.

After July 1, 2019, you can claim $ 1 million for your second child and $ 4 million for your third child. If you apply for support before July 1, 2019, you will only be able to apply for a $ 1 million mortgage waiver on your third child.

Very important: The support currently available is only available to children born after January 1, 2018.

Conditions for Mortgage Loans

Conditions for Mortgage Loans

Conditions applying to the claimant

  • The claim can be filed by the person who has the credit agreement in his name.

  • Spouses and partners can only claim the benefit jointly, even if only one of them is named as a debtor in the contract.

  • If there are debtors other than claimants in the loan agreement, that is the reason for exclusion. Thus, there can be no other debtor than the claiming couple or partner.

  • In addition, impunity is a prerequisite.

  • Public debt relief is also a condition (ie no claim may be owed to NAV).

Relief may be claimed for a child born or adopted after 1 January 2018, or for a fetus at least 12 weeks pregnant at the time of application. An exception to this is when you are claiming support for your second child: they must be born after July 1, 2019.

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