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SFOX (San Francisco Open Exchange), a leading bitcoin and cryptocurrency broker, today unveiled its new crypto trading product designed specifically for hedge funds and asset managers.

The wide range of sophisticated trading and portfolio management services unveiled will enable hedge funds to execute sophisticated trading strategies at scale on a single platform.

“This first of its kind crypto trading platform is the right product at the right time, as institutions of all kinds are rapidly shifting to investing in digital currencies. The technical superiority and unparalleled liquidity of cryptocurrency at SFOX will provide the hedge fund industry with the trading, reporting and compliance services institutions need to embrace cryptocurrency as a new asset class.
– Chamath Palihapitiya, Founder and CEO of Social Capital, an investor in SFOX

Unlike typical exchanges, SFOX offers traders a one-stop destination for cryptocurrency trading from the world’s major trading platforms, including major exchanges, OTC brokers, and market makers.

This access to all major trading platforms from a single destination gives hedge funds an advantage in terms of pricing, enhanced access and advanced security.

The aggregate crypto liquidity on SFOX is so vast that a single $ 50 million bitcoin exchange would execute in milliseconds without moving the market – 10 times more than any exchange.

The most powerful services of the SFOX platform are the plug and play order types and execution algorithms which are tailored to meet the needs of any trading strategy.

Over a dozen order types can be used to provide traders with full control over how passively or aggressively to execute, how much information they give to the market, how to manage risk and how to improve. prices, which all translate into higher returns and are available. no additional cost.

“As a former hedge fund manager, I can say that the platform we are presenting today is a total game-changer for funds that are either in crypto today or are just starting to embrace crypto trading. . Hedge fund managers can focus on what they do best, trading, without having to worry about execution, scalability, capital efficiency, or any of their trading reports. back office and their operational requirements.
– Jackson Finio, Product Manager at SFOX

In addition, SFOX also unveils a proprietary Trade Cost Analysis (TCA) program that is integrated with its crypto trading platform and at no additional cost. TCA platforms for stock trading, for example, are limited only to large companies that create their own services or acquire those services at a significant cost.

The capabilities of the TCA also allow the Funds to meet and implement the best price execution requirements. Funds must currently meet best-price execution requirements in trading other stocks in order to demonstrate to clients and regulators that companies are doing their best to acquire assets for clients at the best price.

“We have built a platform that gives any hedge fund access to all of the same tools and resources previously only accessible and available to the richest trading companies in the world and at free or low cost. We know it is difficult to manage a fund. When a market and regulatory environment are already fragmented and constantly changing, it makes managing a crypto fund even more difficult. We want to be an ally of all hedge funds that invest and trade in cryptocurrencies. “
– Akbar Thobhani, CEO and co-founder of SFOX

Hedge funds are SFOX’s fastest growing trading segment, with an 18-fold increase in trading volume year over year. Hedge funds in particular are finding attractive opportunities which have led to a 10-fold increase in average volume per client over the past year.

SFOX also offers flexible settlements, including instant settlement for pre-funded trades and post-trade settlement (PTS), which allow hedge funds to avoid pre-funding by using a line of credit with SFOX. With PTS, hedge funds can trade on credit and settle overdue amounts flexibly on a schedule that suits a trader’s needs, ensuring they never miss an opportunity due to insufficient funds.

This complete suite of new services on the SFOX platform now includes:

  • Global liquidity = 10 times deeper liquidity where it counts, less than 1% of the average price
  • Best price execution
  • 18 customizable order types and execution algorithms
  • Business cost analysis
  • Flexible regulation
  • Multi-user accounts with customizable permissions
  • Automation of workflows for enhanced operational security
  • Integrated reporting and tax solution

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