Strict security plans in place at Capitol as police prepare for ‘Justice for J6’ rally

Ahead of Saturday’s “Justice for D6” rally, U.S. Capitol Police officials gave an overview of some of the security measures in place.

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Organizers of the rally say they will demand justice for those arrested in connection with the January 6 uprising.

Capitol Police officials say while they expect a peaceful rally, they have extra staff just in case and help from other law enforcement agencies.

In addition, a protective fence surrounding the Capitol has been put up for additional protection.

Rocky Twyman, founder of Pandemic Comforters, says he’s worried another incident will happen like the January 6 riots.

“We’re just going to pray tomorrow, pray and fast that nothing will happen.”

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Twyman also said he understands the need for the fence around the Capitol, but he’s not happy it’s there.

“It really annoys me that we have to spend so much money on this fence when we have so many people here still fighting the coronavirus.”

FOX 5’s Perris Jones also spoke to people outside of the area who were sightseeing and were disappointed to see the fence, but they understand that prevention is better than cure.

“I don’t like the fence, these buildings that are for people here in America,” one person said. “I like being able to get close, but I also don’t want anything to happen that shouldn’t happen, so it’s better to be safe than to have something that shouldn’t. not happen. ”

In a press conference on Friday afternoon, U.S. Capitol Police officials said they were monitoring threats of violence, but it is difficult to say whether they are credible.

“We have a solid plan in place to ensure that this remains peaceful and that if violence does occur, we can stop it as quickly as possible.” Tom Manger, U.S. Capitol Police Chief, said.

Officials say they have been preparing for months, including changing the way they collect, analyze and report information used to understand and stop threats.

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“Historically, this department has relied primarily on outside agencies for intelligence information… it is no longer the case,” said Yogananda Pittman, deputy chief of the United States Capitol Police. “This was before January 6. We have now developed and expanded our intelligence operations and we have radically changed the way we handle and share intelligence with our law enforcement partners at all levels.”

Capitol Police oOfficials say they have also organized several training exercises for their civil unrest units, scenario exercises for command personnel and given detailed briefings to all officers.

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