Trasacco Valley inaugurates asset protection unit

The management of Empire Builders (Trasacco Valley) has inaugurated a 200-member asset protection unit to ensure the security of its offices as well as all of its properties in Ghana.

The unit, among other duties, is to ensure the safety of Empire Builders personnel, current and potential customers who intend to do business with the company.


Speaking at the inauguration on Friday in Accra, Empire Builders public relations consultant Kwame Owusu Danso said the unit already exists but is in the open in response to recent developments.

He said the role of the unit has been carefully crafted to keep any encroachments within the limits of the law.

“This would include, but not be limited to, risk management, risk reduction and / or risk mitigation, surveillance, joint police patrols and the provision of a physical security system, to the both on-site and off-site, ”Mr. Danso said.

“We here at Trasacco are playing our measurable and achievable role and pray that all join this wagon of change, development and progress.

“However, it comes at a cost, the cost of having to deal with certain systemic imbalances caused by competing interests and malice, which have had a tremendous impact on our establishment.

“This fundamentally necessitated the need to inaugurate our asset protection unit for the sole purpose of securing our legally acquired assets.

He also revealed that the Unit is an integral part and a nerve center of all of the company’s operations and businesses over the years.

Quality commitment

He said that as a company, Trasacco is very committed to providing quality service to all of its customers.

“As a company, we are proud to be the torchbearers and pioneers in the real estate and development sector and we could not have reached this milestone without the insurmountable support we have received across the board. areas, support we dare say we don’t take for granted, ”he said.

“But, there is still a lot to do and we know as always, that we will continue to benefit from the relational support that we have had with all the stakeholders in this enterprise of ours. It is therefore imperative to say a big thank you. to the Government of Ghana and to our respected leaders, the stewards of our lands.

“We believe that the development of this country is a collective effort and that it cannot be achieved in isolation. To this end, all players in the industry must play their role to the best of their ability to ensure success. . to commit ourselves unhesitatingly to the ideals of progress and development; so even though governments have tried to stabilize it, we must modernize it – and this modernity must come from a vision, a vision to beautify Ghana and market Ghana as a country that is tolerant of investors and a country that encourages capital investment ”.

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