Your home is your most precious possession. Protect it with these 5 critical steps

There is no feeling more helpless than the moment you realize you have been robbed. The mixture of anger, fear and a feeling of violation is enough to turn your stomach upside down. And in addition to stolen items, cleaning and repair is usually necessary since 95% of burglaries involve a forced entry.

As horrible as it sounds, it’s even worse when you consider that it probably didn’t need to happen. Scammers say only 1 in 10 burglaries are planned in advance. Most are just crimes of opportunity.

Of course, this also means that you can take some simple steps that can quickly and effectively deter a criminal from deciding that your home is an easy score. We recommend these five steps to secure your most valuable asset.

1. Update locks and strengthen doors and windows

It’s simple… Strong doors, well-secured windows, and thick, solid locks can often be enough to send lazy crooks the other way. Do a quick survey around your home, checking for any signs of vulnerability. Take note of any damaged or easily stuck locks, doors that won’t close properly, unprotected windows – if you see them, fix them. Upgrade to solid deadbolts where you can. And if extra keys are floating around with too many friends, neighbors, exes, and more, maybe it’s time to retype them, too.

2. Do not hide a key under the plant

We’re not saying don’t leave a key somewhere near your door in the event of an emergency lock. We’re just saying be smart about it. Slipping a key under the doormat or setting it around your door frame is almost like leaving your door wide open. Scammers are lazy, but they are generally not stupid (unlike this man). Rotate your hiding places in unconventional places or even set up a combination chest for added security.

3. Get to know your neighbors

You may not be home at all times, but if you are on good terms with your neighbors, you have a 24/7/365 security force that helps you keep an eye on your home and your belongings. value. Neighbors watchings are great, but just getting to know other residents near you, become friendly, and let them know you can pay big dividends. And if you keep an eye on your neighbors’ homes and let them know, they’ll likely return the favor.

4. Get a home security system

Listen, these other measures are certainly essential precautionary measures, but in the event that a thief decides your place is their target, you need defenses. Strong defenses. A security system like a Vivint smart home system can instantly make your house a formidable opponent for any criminal.

Their intelligent system is equipped with Smart Deter, a network of doorbells, remote cameras and sensors that intelligently spot potential intruders around your home, scare them away, or contact Vivint’s 24/7 monitoring support staff if they persist.

And be sure to post these Vivint Smart Home Security stickers outside your home as well. Just seeing and knowing that your home is protected is a powerful deterrent for opportunistic scammers.

5. No seriously. Get a home security system with a brain.

Vivint’s home protection network also extends well beyond the perimeter of your home. The Vivint system is fully controllable via your smartphone or web tablet, allowing users to check cameras, lock doors, turn on lights, etc., all from anywhere, anytime.

And while money should never be the most important consideration in protecting your castle, it doesn’t hurt that a Vivint system can entail. lower home insurance rates. And since it can also control the temperature in your home, it can even lower your energy bills.

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